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Dental Clinic Bapunagar

Your healthy smile means a lot to us !

Work done at our clinic will be at a level of your comfort, you will always find a pleasant positive environment and the vibes that will make you smile.

- Dr. Dhaval Bavishi
Bachelor of dental surgeries, practicing general dentistry since 2012.
Having vast knowledge of every dental subjects and treatments, using latest dental instruments..

About Our Practice

Bavishi Dental Care has been established in year 2012 by Dr. Dhaval Bavishi, since it growing in confidence by the huge amount of blessings by our satisfied patients, we always believed in giving best possible solution to our patients at our dental clinic in Ahmedabad. At dental clinic in Bapunagar, we never brake our protocols of ethics, our high quality dental instruments and materials will reduced errors to nil and what our patients get from our clinic is a satisfied, healthy and happy smiles.


We provide intra-oral radiography, at our clinic at affordable cost, so you don't need to rush to radiologist for the x-rays.


We always priorities emergency patient, we relive their pain at any cost and as fast as possible


We always educate our patients before starting any treatments, we never keep anything in curtains our patient knows everything which is there to be done.


Money matters, but not before the treatments and not in hurry, we provide easy installments payment policy to our patients


Our old patients are as important as our new ones, we are always happy to listen to your problems and will be happy to help always


We have records of everything which has been treated at our clinic, we always upgrade our past records

Our Services

One stop solution for every dental problems.

Teeth Cleaning

We provide all type of teeth cleaning and whitening services which includes dental scaling, air prophy cleaning & polishing, and professional teeth whitening, according to the need all of this procedure will make your smile brighter, whiter and will make your teeth shine like pearls.. Find Out More

Root Canal Treatment

we expertise in saving your decayed teeth, with series of latest dental equipments and dental microscope we do the best root canal treatments, that will never need to reopen or re do again in future, we believe in saving your time, so we do single sitting root canal treatments that needs only a single visit to our office..

Prosthetic Dental Work

At our office we provide all type of dental prosthetic rehab,including dentures, crown and bridges(metal-free zircon, bruxir, 3M, ceramic, precious and non precious metal), partial dentures.

Periodontal Treatments

All the correcting surgeries and cleaning related to gums are being performed by highly qualified professionals in our clinic to get the assured results.

Dental Treatments For The Kids

Problems regarding primary teeth of small kids are treated in our clinic with gentle care and in an environment comfortable to kids, all preventive cares including pit and fissure sealants,topical fluoride application are provided at our clinic.

Dentist Bapunagar

All the orthodontic treatments including metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, invisible aligners are available at our dental office to make sure whenever you smile you pack a punch.

Dentist Ahmedabad

Replace your missing teeth with with the dental implant, we provide all kind of dental implant placement, including single tooth, implant supported bridge, implant supported denture and full mouth rehabilitation.

Dental Clinic Bapunagar

Smile designing, anatomical correction,repair of front fractured teeth, correction of structural defects, space closure, dental veneers, we provide sure shot solution to all dental esthetic defects.

Dentist Bapunagar

In highly maintained sterilization protocols all the dental surgeries are been performed at our clinic, from simple tooth removal to jaw fracture cases and wisdom tooth removal.


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Oral Surgery

Precise surgery work, with masters at their duty.

Cosmetic Work

Get a great smile by cosmetic correction at our clinic

Teeth Whitening

Get a bright smile, whiten your teeth just in an hour.


Kids dental work in a tear less environment.


Replace your missing teeth with great quality implants.


Radiography facilities available before during and after treatments .


Your malaligned teeth are arranged by experts.

Teeth Cleaning

Clean your teeth and get a healthy smile.

What our Patients say


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Single sitting Root Canal Treatment @ Bavishi Dental Care..!!

Root Canal Treatment as words suggest is treatment of infected tooth which is usually done in multiple sitting with more chair time for both patients and dentist, Here at Bavishi Dental Care we believe in giving comfortable treatment option to patients. In Single sitting root canal treatment  multiple injections for the same treatment is avoided, less operational time for the procedure, and least chances of secondary infections as we avoid multiple exposure to the tooth. The root canal treat...

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The best Dental Clinic to get your Root Canal Treatment done!!

Because an error in root canal treatment will make u feel the pain even if not today but in future it will hurt you, so make the choice of a good clinic where they provide a high quality dental root canal treatments. The root canal treatment is a procedure to remove the decayed part of your tooth and the infected pulp tissues which then will be replaced by bio-compatible materials, The procedure is very much technique sensitive and requires lots of attention and skills. At Bavishi Dental Car...

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smile designing @ bavishi dental care

When you communicate your desire for an improved or enhanced smile to your dentist, he  will discuss their role as your diagnostician, artist, and scientist. You and your dentist will work together to develop the best course of action for your individual and particular situation. The role of orthodontics, moving the teeth into better position. Orthodontics is a sub-specialty of dentistry that is devoted to the study and treatment of malocclusions (improper bites). Improper bites may result f...

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